A bit of history

Everything started in the 1920's. The Mouvement took off in France with the first publication of a magazine called " Coeurs Vaillants". It was intended for " all the little lads of France " in other words boys between 8 and 15 years old. It's motto : " for brave hearts nothing is impossible ". It becomes a great success.

It is in 1936 that the " Coeurs vaillants " mouvement was officially recognised in France. In 1937, the mouvement opened up to girls with the creation of a magazine " Ames vaillantes" or " Brave souls was replaced by l'ACE ( Actions of Catholic Childhood ) in 1956. Twenty years later, in 1975, the mouvement l'A.C.E. became the Actions of Catholic Children in order to clarify that the mouvment is specifically for children.

In Switzerland, the mouvement "Coeur vaillant – Ames vaillantes" started through the transformation of the Eucharistic Crusade which united children from several parishes of the country. The first groups of the mouvement began in the Jura , in Moutier, in 1942. It then spread across the french speaking parts of Switzerland.

The title " Coeur vaillant-Ames vaillantes " was gradually replaced by that of l'ACE and MADEP. Today , the mouvement is called MADEP in all of the romand counties , with the exception of Geneva ( ACE )

In 1962 the first international gathering took place and brought about the creation of MIDADE several years later ( International children's apostolate mouvement).