Our Steps

The children and teenagers of MADEP-ACE talk about their lives and then act in order to improve them. How do they do that ? Here's how!


Firstly, each individual OBSERVES what happens in his daily life: with his friends, at school, in the family etc. We talk about this in the group and we listen to the other teenagers and children telling us about their lives.


If a situation disturbs us , we discuss it in the group and try to understand it better. That means we are going to try and analyse the reasons and causes of the situation.We will also decide if we agree or not with what is happening.


Together, as a team, we think about how to find a solution to CHANGE the situation. We try to encourage the other people or friends concerned by the situation to participate in the action. By ACTING for building a better world , we live and defend the values ( justice, solidarity, non violence, mutual respect, friendship etc.) which are close to our hearts at MADEP-ACE. We also learn a lot about ourselves: we realise that as a child or teenager we can already bring about change and that we are brave enough to do it.


We are listened to and encouraged in the MADEP-ACE groups. We become aware that what we say is VALUED and that our life and person is VALUED. The courage and perseverance needed to change a situation are also recognised and valorized within the team.


Sometimes we need to stop and consider what we have carried out up to now. The guide helps us to ASSESS what has been undertaken. We try and see together whether the aims set have been reached, if we are going in the right direction and how things are advancing.


Of course we also like to enjoy ourselves and relax at MADEP-ACE. Having a party is a way of taking delight in everything we have shared and experienced together as a team or as a county.